Hello and welcome to Christian and Erica Film Photography. We're a husband and wife photographic team based in the Fraser Valley delivering high quality photography in BC, throughout Canada and internationally. Shooting weddings has taken us on travels far and wide, so wherever you want us, we can be there!

We're friendly, relaxed, quiet but fun people and our personalities extend into how we work as photographers. With this in mind, you'll not find us taking over your wedding day. Instead, we pride ourselves on delivering personal service with seamless cover of your entire day, capturing relaxed, natural, and beautiful photographs of the two of you, your guests, and all the details that you've spent so much time planning. We know when and how to disappear into the background when taking photos, and we know just when to take control without being bossy. Sometimes we'll stand back, watch and wait, sometimes we'll lightly direct you, but if you like our photos then you'll know that this approach is for you!

We love photographing weddings and working with happy people in love. If you'd like us to photograph your wedding, we'd love to hear from you. Contact us now to enquire about our availability.

Many people comment on our use of light and this is something that plays a huge part in our style. Our work is timelessly natural, ensuring that your photographs will look good now and in years to come.

Born and bred in the UK, we've photographed hundreds of beautiful weddings throughout Europe. We fell in love with Canada in 2005 when we visited the Rockies on our honeymoon. We've been back almost every year since, roadtripping throughout western Canada's beautiful coast and interior. We've now fulfilled our dream to live and work here permanently, and we're so excited to visit and meet more of Canada's amazing places and people!

And finally, just so that you can form a picture of who we are, here are a few of the things we love:

Christian: Erica, my family, photographing people and places, my camera(s), Tim Hortons, Cadbury's mini eggs, John Mayer, cranberry and orange muffins (unfortunately a 'Christmas-only' Starbucks muffin), my guitars, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Goodfellas, dogs, turkey cranberry & stuffing sandwiches, snowy days.

Erica: Christian, my family, shooting film, writing (I can't think without a pen in my hand!), beautiful scenery and light, drinking tea, pretty stationery and design, old movies, reading, music, Star Trek, trees, birds, slippers, cuddling on the sofa, Mexican food, Christmas lights, starry skies, dancing around the living room.

We hope to see you soon.