Q: You shoot film?
A: We do - photographic film (not video!). Film can produce a uniquely beautiful, natural look and it's a medium we love. You can see the results in our extensive collection of image galleries, featuring a selection of beautiful weddings we've photographed. We will capture your wedding images on a combination of digital and film (35mm as well as medium format) and then we will develop and scan the film in our our very own film lab, which is at the forefront of film development and scanning. All images will be supplied to you in a high-resolution digital format, but the inherent 'look' of the film images is preserved. 

Q: What do I need to do to book you?
A: All we need to secure your date is a $700 deposit and a signed booking form. Please contact us to discuss your wedding plans, or to arrange a face-to-face chat. Due to the quality of our work and reputation we've always worked with clients over a large geographical area, so we find that FaceTime or Skype is a great way to do this.  We can chat with you about how we work, learn more about your wedding plans and about you as a couple, and generally get to know each other a little. Dates are filled on a first come-first served basis and once we’re booked, we’re booked! So don’t wait. Some prime dates can be booked over two years in advance.

Q: What kind of packages and albums do you offer?
A: For more detail on our wedding photography packages please visit our Info page. In terms of our album and print products, we work with only the very best manufacturers. Our exquisite handmade albums and accessories are also offered as a la carte items, so you can pick what you want when you want, and totally customise your package.

Q: Do you travel?
A: Absolutely we travel! Travel costs within our local area are included within your package price, and for out of area weddings we charge a very reasonable travel rate. For some out-of-area weddings we may also need to arrange accommodation, which will be charged at cost. The key message though is that we will discuss any applicable travel costs with you at the time of booking, so there will never any additional surprise costs to worry about.

Q: What is your photographic style and approach?
A: Terms of photographic style are so misused nowadays that they’re practically meaningless. If our pictures speak to you then you’ll know it’s your style. And that’s what’s most important. As a client your happiness is the most important thing to us. That's why we see it as vital to develop a great personal relationship with you, so that you'll be happy to have us with you on one of the most important days of your life.

We work unobtrusively for the most part, capturing moments of joy and happiness between you and your family and friends throughout the day. For your couple photographs we will help you to feel relaxed and at ease as you interact with one another, allowing us to capture your natural relationship rather than something artificial or forced.  We'll also ensure that we capture all of the details that you've spent time planning. As you browse through our galleries you'll see how this approach allows us to create outstandingly beautiful, natural images that capture the real you and the joy of your day. We want you to love the experience of working with us, and we aim to be your photographers for life. 

Q: Can you tell me why we should choose you?
1: Photographs are important to you. You want those from your wedding to be natural, timeless and beautiful.

2. Our images speak to you in a certain way - you love the evocative use of light and colour, the happiness that radiates from the people,  the way the 'feel' of the wedding day comes across through the images. And you want that from your wedding photographs.

3. You understand that your photographers are going to be an integral part of your entire wedding experience and you want to work with warm, genuine people who make you feel at ease and add to the pleasure of your day. 

4. You think that most photographers’ wedding work looks pretty much the same and you want something better - something more 'you.'

Q: You indicate that the personality of the photographer is important. Why?
A: Keep in mind that you’ll be spending almost the entire day - one of the most emotional and important days of your life - with your photographers. You want to feel comfortable around and supported by them. You want someone who knows when to take charge and when to be almost invisible. You might like to check out our About page to find out more about us.

Q: And afterwards?
A: Unlike most wedding professionals that you’ll deal with, our relationship continues well after you’ve returned from your honeymoon. You may never speak with your florist, dressmaker, caterer or band after your wedding day, but your work with your photographer has only just begun. The album and print process continues for a while. Besides, our goal is to be your photographer for life.

Q: Do you do traditional wedding photographs, too?
A: Traditionally, wedding photography has been pretty cheesy, badly posed and/or boring. So we’d have to say, “NO.” But if you mean do we take traditional family pictures (group shots) in addition to more 'natural' images then the answer is absolutely YES. We appreciate the value of and the history behind the traditional family portrait. For the benefit of you and your guests we recommend placing a limit on the number of formal group shots, but we'll talk to you about this in detail before the wedding day, and ensure we know the shots you want.

Q: What if I have questions that aren’t listed here?
A: Contact us here! We’d love to hear what you’re planning and discuss how we can capture your wedding day memories for you.